Our Porpose

How do we build a nation? How do we create a world that revolves around the needs of children, families, and healthy communities?
-- A world in which people and the earth matter more than anything else... How do we heal our communities and our planet as we cooperate as one family with other nations? How do we celebrate our diversity and learn what we have in common? Millions of nonprofit and grassroots groups are lifting up communities, cleaning rivers, reclaiming and otherwise protecting the earth. Earthfamily.tv is a place where we can come to find ideas from people and groups who are leading the way. Search channels by your favorite topics and organizations. Watch healthy family-oriented entertainment and news from grassroots and diverse perspectives -- FREE! Learn about small businesses that are green and organic. Find your own hometown, see what is happening there, and be a part of it! See what is needed and make your contribution -- locally and globally! Create your Favorites Page and communicate with your favorite organizations and others who share your concerns! For information about joining EarthFamily.tv, networking, and creating your own page with video, click Join!