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Entertainment, Movies, Arts, Sports, as well as videos about how to care for our environment, create a better life, healthy communities, personal and family health, peace, leadership, videos for children and teens, and more. Also--Create your own favorites page, email your favorite groups, watch Town Hall Meetings, and find ways to get involved to make our planet a better place!

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Organizations and Individuals--Raise Your Profile, Get Donations and Volunteers, Educate and Organize, Broadcast Town Hall Meetings! Also--Network with other groups in a private online community, set up conferences, create joint projects, advocacy, and joint benefits programs that small organizations might not afford by themselves.


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Reach people who want to buy green or organic products, and people who want to buy from businesses whose products and practices help build healthy communities and a healthy planet!


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TV and Internet are projected to merge and it's already happening! Many people are looking for healthier alternatives to TV with family-appropriate programming, positive news, resources, and real life solutions. is a positive and needed alternative!

The internet is providing opportunities that we have never had before. TV already discusses and replays video clips from the internet--at some point Internet will become the main medium replacing TV. It's time for an internet video network that provides family entertainment while supporting healthy communities and the planet!

JOIN NOW! Grassroots organizations, nonprofits, small businesses, social entrepreneurs and individuals may broadcast their videos by applying to join the network now. With application approval and payment of the low annual membership fee you can post videos on topics and family entertainment on this network that will be well advertised. RAISE YOUR PUBLIC PROFILE! The public watches for free. Raise awareness about your organization and INCREASE YOUR REACH! Get donations and volunteers, educate and organize, broadcast Town Hall Meetings!

Members can network, converse, and collaborate with each other through a private online community and can communicate by blog or email with their own community of fans. Members can work together organizing, educating and advocating through joint projects. They can also collaborate to create joint projects such as benefits that are helpful and cost effective for member organizations.

We are looking for videos and members whose purposes are in line with the purposes of These purposes include but are not limited to support of environmental sustainability, healthy communities, world peace and a sense of global family, appreciation of diversity, human and animal rights, democracy, responsible and just government, healthy and diverse leadership, health, education, small businesses, green and organic businesses, social entrepreneurship, the education and well-being of children and teens, wholesome community activities, sports, the arts, family entertainment, first peoples and indigenous communities, etc.

Welcome to this community of groups working for healthy communities and peace, healing our planet. Grassroots organizations, nonprofits, and individuals are invited to join the network! You are the building blocks of healthy nations! This website was created to honor your incredible service and research and to make your resources and entertainment available to adults and children. is meant to be a tool for people to find information, community with others who share similar passions and concerns, and to empower grassroots groups to share their efforts and vision for a healthy and inclusive planet. We are dedicated to creating a real family on earth that honors and celebrates diversity, cares for our earth home, and walks peacefully together with love for our whole human family. is free internet-tv for viewers. It does not require viewers to sign in unless they wish to create their own page. Eventually we hope that grassroots groups from other countries will join so that we the people of every nation can work together hand in hand for peace, safety, and to help to meet each other's basic needs as we care for the earth as one Earth Family!

Memberships are Yearly.

Prices are based on the amount of video time used per year. Prices are for standard digital video only--not HD. If you would like to upload video in HD please email .

Yearly Membership Fee
Here are the membership costs per YEAR:

Video Hours:

  • $10: One-half hour Video or Photo
  • $20: Two hours Video
  • $30: Five hours Video
  • $40: Ten hours w/out group rate
  • $50: Twenty hours w/out group rate
For More Hours or Group Rates, please contact